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Event: Artists and Poets

As a part of the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly's 25th anniversary, the gallery will be holding a special event on September 9th in collaboration with Rhode Island poets, musicians, and storytellers. Local poet Pat LaRose wrote two poems for this event that were inspired by two of my works. Her poems "Touchstones to the Past" and "Under the Sea" are shown below.

Touchstones to the Past

To open the treasure box of memories

first, heft the key opening your heart.

Gently remove and caress each object.

Touch a furry remnant of a lonesome

child’s lucky rabbit’s foot.

In quilted patches of felt,

muted green and bright pink,

stories of lost days swirl.

Scraps of lacy doilies, now shredded,

once comforted old grey heads

against cushioned chairbacks.

Evocations of grandmotherly faces,

aunts in abundance, arise ghostlike.

A wealth of spiraled DNA unfurls

as generations upon generations

populate the country of remembrance.

Under the Sea

Great blue whales glide

rise breathe dive

jellyfish float

through vast waters

lost Atlantis buried for eons

cold abyss

creatures with spear-shaped denticles

swarm over ocean depths

somewhere below

volcanoes flow spewing lava

turning the sea green

here all these worlds survive

theirs is a freedom

unmatched on land

where there are

many ways to drown.

The Artists Plus Poets event will take place at 7 Canal Street, Westerly RI, on September 9th at 5:30pm. Click here for more information about the event.

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