Evolving - Kathleen Hemenway

“Family Portrait 1” can be viewed at the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly in Rhode Island in the January 2017 show “Evolving” - Expression and Experimentation.

“Family Portrait 1” is a porcelain, salt glazed ceramic in a series inspired by family ties and friendships. Working in ceramic sculpture I challenge the creation of a portrait with trial and error yet trying to capture a visual of growing older and reflecting the changing world. This ceramic piece is my contribution to the “Expression and Experimentation” presentation.

My ceramic works begin in clay, usually porcelain or stoneware, and I fire in raku, salt kiln, pit fire and high fire. I use a variety of glazes to show texture and and coloring. I use multiple glazes and under glazes to achieve the varied outcome. I approach each new piece of sculpture without rehearsal hoping the finished work will be new and a surprise. I often change the piece as I progress.

The ceramic piece shown below, "Family Portrait 2," was shown alongside "Family Portrait 1" at the Artists' Coop.

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Kathleen Hemenway is a painter, sculptor, and mixed media artist based in Rhode Island.


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